80s Hairstyles I Want to Bring Back!

Written By Belle Garston


“Bring back the 80s” I say! Some of the best and boldest hairdos were around in the 80s and I want to see them back today. Don’t you? Here are just some of my faves from one of the greatest hairstyle decades.

1. Tousled Auburn Temptress

A vivacious throwback to the 80s flair, this hairstyle boasts a wild, tousled top with an auburn hue reminiscent of a sunset. The volume is turned up high, with strands teasingly escaping around the face, giving it a playful yet seductive bedhead charm.

2. Beachy Waves

Bask in the nostalgia of 80s beach scenes with these golden, sun-kissed waves. Flowing freely with an effortless grace, each curl seems to dance with a life of its own, infused with the warmth of a summer day. It’s a casual yet striking homage to the era’s love for natural, ocean-inspired textures.

3. Sassy Shag

The shag cut makes a glorious comeback with this hairstyle’s layered volume and dynamic shape. Brunette tones blend beautifully, creating depth that’s both sophisticated and sassy. It’s a nod to the bold styles of the 80s, with a modern twist that keeps it fresh and contemporary.

4. Windswept Lift

Channel the power anthems of the 80s with this blonde bombshell look that’s all about volume and movement. The windswept layers cascade around the face, framing it with a bold yet dreamy softness. It’s an iconic style that whispers of freedom and daring adventures.

5. Spirited Updo

This lively updo captures the quintessential 80s vibe with its high-reaching tendrils and voluminous crown. The chestnut locks add a touch of elegance to the playful height, while wispy strands gently soften the face. It’s the perfect blend of sophistication and fun, just like the decade it draws inspiration from.

6. Pixie With Punch

Short and chic, this pixie cut embraces the rebellious spirit of the 80s with its tousled layers and a carefree attitude. The chocolate-hued strands are styled with a daring edge, showcasing the era’s penchant for breaking the mold and dancing to the beat of its own drum.

7. Curly Whirly

This hairstyle is a love letter to the eclectic 80s, featuring bouncy, espresso-colored curls that are all about dynamic movement and an easy-going attitude. The curls are cut to create a soft, voluminous cap that’s playful and utterly captivating.


8. Glam Coiffure

A stunning example of 80s high fashion, this hairstyle combines voluminous golden locks swept up and back with a seductive flair. It’s the type of bold statement piece that pairs perfectly with power suits and pop beats.

9. High Volume Updo

Here’s an 80s staple that screams elegance: a high-volume, frosted blonde mane set with a cascade of curls. It’s an updo that’s both timeless and classic, giving off that radiant soap opera star quality.

10. Retro Cascade

Channeling the free-spirited essence of the 80s, this hairstyle’s voluminous layers create a flowing cascade of blonde highlights. It’s an embodiment of the decade’s love for big hair and even bigger personalities.

11. Waves of Nostalgia

This hairstyle with its waves of chestnut curls harks back to the days of 80s romance. Soft, full, and styled with a gentle wildness, it’s a nostalgic nod to the era of bold styles and carefree vibes.

12. Power Volume

Capturing the quintessence of the 80s, this hairstyle presents a stunning silhouette with ash-blonde waves that are all about power and volume. It’s got that signature daytime drama glam that defined a generation.

13. Majestic Mane

A bold expression of 80s rock chic, this style flaunts gravity-defying volume with mocha-toned curls that soar upward and cascade down. It’s the ultimate statement of untamed spirit and rebellious allure.

14. Siren Waves

Timeless yet filled with 80s drama, these luxurious, raven-black waves exude elegance with an edge. The side-swept bangs add a touch of mystery, perfect for those who carry the charisma of the era with them.

15. Ebony Cascade

This deep ebony hairstyle speaks volumes of the 80s, with its voluminous body and full, face-framing layers. The windswept bangs and flowing waves create a look that’s both glamorous and approachable.

16. Curls (With Attitude)

Evocative of the 80s’ best trends, this look’s charcoal curls boast a fabulous frizz and height that command attention. The subtle highlights bring dimension, evoking a sense of depth and dynamism.

17. Piled High

This hairstyle’s playful pile of brunette curls on top brings out a vibrant 80s vibe, complete with flowing layers that gently tease the shoulders. It’s a carefree yet structured look, embodying the decade’s penchant for fun and flair.

18. Sophisticated Swirl

Sweet and sophisticated, this cinnamon swirl of curls captures the essence of 80s casual elegance. The high-volume crown transitions into soft, bouncy locks, creating a warm, inviting style that’s effortlessly chic.

More 80s Hairstyles I LOVE!

Don’t worry, that’s not all I have. I’ve got even more 80s hairstyles that are truly stunning in this gallery. Check them out and don’t forget to let me know which you fave is:

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