90s Hairstyles that Still Look FIRE Today!

Written By Belle Garston


The 90s had some of the best hairstyles, right? People weren’t ashamed to go big and bold! And I think some of these styles still look incredible today. Here are my picks of the very best 90s hairstyles.

1. Sunkissed Tousle

Effortlessly chic, this ‘do is a nod to the laid-back ’90s. Tawny highlights play through tousled waves, giving a beachy vibe that’s all about movement. It’s that quintessential ‘I woke up like this’ look, with strands lazily sweeping across the forehead.

2. Rustic Topknot

Hello, ’90s revival with a twist—literally! The cinnamon roll topknot sits perched atop a cascade of amber waves, while face-framing tendrils add a whimsical touch. It’s the perfect blend of messy and refined, as if plucked from a ‘Friends’ episode.

3. Windblown Updo

Soft and ethereal, this hairstyle whispers of ’90s supermodel off-duty glam. The gentle lift at the roots and the wispy layers framing the face evoke a sense of romance. It’s the hairstyle that would sway to the acoustic strums of a grunge ballad.

4. Long Pixie Bob

Taking a page from the ’90s pixie, but with a bit more length, this copper bob brings an edgy yet soft dynamic. The side-swept bangs and textured ends give a nod to Winona Ryder’s cool-girl crops from the era, while the rich hues warm up the complexion.

5. Simply Wild

It’s as if the ’90s grunge met a Pre-Raphaelite muse. A wild, voluminous mane with deep auburn tones takes center stage, full of body and bounce. The slightly unkempt style defies convention, evoking the era’s rebellious spirit.


6. Elegant Updo

This playful updo with its tousled strands and casual bangs could have been inspired by the likes of ’90s Meg Ryan. It’s a sweet and sassy style that dances between casual and chic, perfect for a coffee shop jaunt or a bookstore browse.

7. Swirl Bun

Embracing ’90s minimalism with a twist, this bun is playfully messy yet deliberate. The soft, cinnamon-tinted strands loosely wrap into an airy bun, while rogue wisps tenderly frame the face, embodying that ‘less is more’ philosophy.

8. Waves of Nostalgia

This hairstyle is pure ’90s nostalgia with a touch of timeless grace. Auburn locks cascade in loose waves, reminiscent of the romantic heroines from our favorite era’s dramas. It’s simple, yet it captures a certain depth, much like the decade itself.

9. Wildheart Whirl

Daring and free, this hairstyle captures the spirit of the ’90s alt-scene. The tousled, voluminous curls are haphazard yet full of intention, suggesting a rebellion against the sleek and straight, with a hint of grunge rock riffs in the air.

10. Boho Updo

This hairstyle sings a bohemian rhapsody with a ’90s beat. The tousled updo, with its carefree twists and turns, paired with effortless bangs, screams of a decade where music festivals and art scenes were the soul of youth culture.

11. Sunkissed Topknot

Bright and breezy, this topknot has a sunlit quality straight out of a ’90s high school romance. The golden hues are playfully gathered at the crown, with soft strands framing the face, embodying a carefree spirit that defined the youth of the decade.

12. Classic Cascade

Deep and enchanting, the dark tresses are styled in a manner that speaks to the sophisticated side of the ’90s. The waves softly frame the face, offering a look that’s both effortless and put-together, much like the decade’s cherished TV drama heroines.

13. Swept Back

A breezy blend of sophistication and playfulness, this hairstyle takes you back to the carefree ’90s soirees. Strands are expertly swept back, creating volume and flow, while wispy layers softly kiss the cheeks, framing the face with a gentle nostalgia.

14. Golden Glow

Channeling the ’90s golden girl, this look pairs cascading waves with a voluminous crown, reflecting the soft glow of sunset. It’s like the final scene of a rom-com, where the heroine shines with a confident, radiant aura.

15. Auburn Ambition

This style captures the fiery essence of the ’90s power woman. Rich auburn curls are boldly pushed back, leaving an air of determination and grace. It’s a hairstyle that says you’re ready to conquer the world, with a pager on your belt and ambition in your eyes.

16. Messy Topknot

This high-spirited topknot embodies the dynamic rush of the ’90s. Auburn locks are pulled up into a spirited swirl, with face-framing tendrils that soften the look. It’s vibrant, expressive, and ready to turn heads down the halls of high school or the aisles of a record store.

17. Messy Bun

A reflective, copper-toned bun sits atop with deliberate casualness, evoking the ’90s approach to a quick updo. The playful bangs and loose strands echo the whispers of indie-folk melodies drifting through a coffee shop’s open door.

18. Pulled Back Sway

Reddish strands are teased into a relaxed sway, reminiscent of a casual ’90s afternoon. The hair has a softness and a subtle bounce, like the rhythm of an acoustic guitar in a warmly-lit room, discussing the latest episode of “Twin Peaks”.

19. Sparkle Updo

A nod to ’90s glamour, this updo glimmers with twilight sparkles. The hair is teased and tousled into an artful composition, with strands catching the light, much like the sequins on a prom dress under the disco ball.

More 90s Hairstyles I LOVE!

I’m such a fan of 90s hairdos that 19 options is far from enough. Don’t worry, I’ve got even more of my faves below in this HUGE gallery of 30 more hairstyles. Don’t forget to pin the ones you love:

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