42 Stunning Balayage Curly Hairstyles That Will Transform Your Locks

Written By Belle Garston


I love curly hair and I also love that balayage look. If you’re like me then you’re going to absolutely love these combinations of stunning curls and balayage coloring:

1. Copper Cascade

A voluminous mane of tight, springy curls that play with shades from deep auburn to bright, fiery copper. The balayage here is subtle, gently introducing lighter tips like the soft glow of a sunset.

2. Beachy Bronde

These carefree, tousled curls embody the perfect blend of brunette depth with honeyed highlights, achieving an effortlessly sun-drenched bronde balayage.

The transition from the deep brown roots to the golden waves mimics the gentle kiss of the summer sun, creating a natural, beachy vibe. It’s a relaxed yet refined look that speaks of sandy shores and cool breezes.

3. Cinnamon Swirl

Imagine the perfect swirl of cinnamon in your morning bun, captured in hair form. This hairstyle boasts a lively bounce with curls that twist from rich chestnut to warm, golden tones at the ends.

The balayage effect is reminiscent of a sweet spice gradient, giving a multidimensional allure that’s as enchanting as it is playful.

4. Espresso Tendrils

Dark, rich espresso gives way to cascading curls with caramel highlights, like cream swirling in your coffee.

The balayage is masterfully done, providing a gradient that feels both bold and smooth, a luxurious combination that brings depth and movement to each curl. It’s a sophisticated style that’s sultry and chic.

5. Mocha Waves

Dive into the depths of mocha shades, where curls flow like the waves of the sea, transitioning from dark chocolate roots to milk chocolate ends.

The balayage technique here adds a soft, subtle lift that seems to capture the essence of underwater treasures, giving the hair an almost mystical quality.


6. Golden Honeycomb

A frothy mixture of tight curls and creamy highlights come together to create a golden honeycomb effect.

The balayage brings out shades of amber and gold, giving the illusion of a warm, glowing halo around the head. This style is as rich and luxurious as it is dynamic and full of life.

7. Midnight Coffee

Luxurious deep brown curls cascade down, revealing occasional whispers of mahogany balayage that catch the light just right.

These spirals boast a glossy finish, suggesting the depth of a dark, rich coffee with just a hint of cream swirled in. It’s an inviting, warm aesthetic that’s as comforting as a cozy evening in.

8. Sunlit Amber

A soft, golden brown that melts into lighter, caramel-kissed ends defines these loose curls. It’s like each strand captures the essence of a late afternoon glow, with the balayage mimicking rays of sun playing through thick foliage.

This hairstyle is a romantic nod to the golden hour, offering an airy, dreamy quality.

9. Citrus Fizz

Here’s a bold, playful look where vibrant, ginger-toned curls pop with life and energy. The balayage introduces sunny highlights that suggest a squeeze of fresh citrus zest.

This look is all about the bounce, the brightness, and a personality that just can’t be contained – it’s bubbly, it’s fresh, it’s unabashedly joyous.

10. Caramel Mocha

This hairstyle is the epitome of warmth, with tight curls transitioning from a rich, chocolate base into toasted caramel ends.

The balayage technique is masterfully subtle, enhancing the natural volume and dimension of the curls. Each ringlet seems to dance with its own unique blend of dark and light, much like the swirls of a well-crafted mocha.

11. Autumn Spice

Step into the season of fall with these bouncy ringlets that marry deep chestnut roots with hints of russet and burnt orange balayage.

This hair color brings to mind the cozy allure of autumn leaves and pumpkin spice, with each curl like a twist of cinnamon stick – it’s a warm, inviting look that’s simply captivating.

12. Fiery Copper

Embracing the vivacious hue of polished copper, these waves flow with a life of their own, highlighted by a balayage that transitions from a deep, flame-like orange to a lighter, incandescent glow.

The dynamic shades within each curl echo the natural variance of burning embers, offering an impression of warmth, light, and uninhibited spirit.

13. Fall Whipser

Warm brunette waves infused with subtle auburn highlights offer a delicate balance of shadow and light.

The gentle balayage gives off the soothing whispers of autumn leaves underfoot, while the tousled curls suggest an easy-going day spent basking in the soft sunlight of a crisp fall day.

14. Golden Sandstorm

Rich, sandy blonde curls are laced with streaks of pale gold, echoing the swirling dance of desert winds across a sunlit dune.

This balayage effect creates a mesmerizing depth, with each curl seeming to hold a secret of the golden hour, making the hairstyle as enigmatic as it is beautiful.

15. Mocha Latte

Chocolate roots melting into a frothy latte at the ends, this head of curls has the delicious richness of your favorite coffee blend. The smooth transition of the balayage suggests a barista’s skilled hand, with waves as sumptuous and inviting as a warm drink on a rainy day.

16. Lioness’s Mane

This hairstyle roars with the boldness of a lioness, with curls cascading in a majestic tumble of golds and browns. The balayage mimics the natural gradient you’d see in the wild—a mix of tawny and darker shades that enhance the voluminous curls and project strength and confidence.

17. Caramel Drizzle

Like a decadent dessert topped with caramel, these bouncy coils graduate from deep espresso to a rich, syrupy caramel.

The balayage adds a tantalizing flavor to the style, with each springy curl highlighted to perfection, exuding sweetness and a zest for life.

18. Beach Waves

Here we have waves that speak of the sea’s ebb and flow, with sun-kissed balayage that looks like reflections on the water.

The blend of deeper blonde hues with lighter, almost platinum tips is reminiscent of the varied textures of sandy shores, offering a sense of calm and serene beauty.

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