From Agrabah to Arendelle: Disney Nail Art for Every Kingdom

Written By Belle Garston


Are you a big kid deep down? Want to show off your love for the wonderful world of Disney? Then you’re going to love these Disney nail art designs:

1. Playful Monsters

Step into Monstropolis with nails that shimmer in the colors of Mike and Sulley. Each nail is a door to a world where laughter prevails, paying homage to the lovable duo from “Monsters, Inc.”

2. Empress of the Dynasty

Channel the spirit of Mulan with nails that reflect the courage and beauty of ancient China. Each nail is a celebration of the legendary heroine, with details fit for an empress.

3. Parisian Love Tale

Whisk away to the city of love with nails that narrate the enchanting story of Belle and the Beast. Hints of the enchanted rose and Belle’s iconic dress make for a truly “Beauty and the Beast” experience.

4. Winter Wonderland

Get ready to build a snowman with nails inspired by Olaf from “Frozen.” Each nail is a frosty delight, capturing the chilly beauty of Arendelle and the warmth of Olaf’s hugs.

5. Pride Rock Legacy

Feel the love tonight with nails depicting the touching moments from “The Lion King.” Warm shades of the savannah sun set the stage for Simba’s journey from cub to king.

6. Tiger and Jungle

Embark on a wild adventure with nails inspired by the “Jungle Book.” The fierce tiger Shere Khan and the playful spirit of Mowgli are reflected in the bold stripes and jungle foliage.

7. Hades

Conjure the underworld with these wickedly stylish nails, capturing the essence of Hades from “Hercules.” Flames and dark tones bring to life the God of the Underworld’s fiery domain.

8. Jungle Expedition

Set off on a tropical adventure with Baloo and Mowgli from “The Jungle Book.” Lush green leaves and the carefree duo evoke the wild and rhythmic heart of the jungle.

9. Sunny Pride Rock

Awaken to the vibrant spirit of the African savanna with Simba from “The Lion King.” Each nail is a canvas for the golden hues of dawn and the silhouettes of the pride’s royalty.

10. Circle of Life

Step into the circle with nails featuring the majestic faces of Simba and his family from “The Lion King.” The warm palette and detailed portraits celebrate the journey from cub to king.

11. Classic Disney

Embrace the timeless joy of Disney’s iconic couple with these Mickey and Minnie Mouse nails. Each nail depicts the duo in their classic attire, perfect for a magical day out.

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