Boom Boom Pow: 27 Firework Nail Art Designs I LOVE!

Written By Belle Garston


Ignite your nail game with our collection of 27 explosive firework nail art designs! Perfect for any celebration, from New Year’s Eve to the Fourth of July, these dazzling designs will add a pop of color and sparkle to your fingertips.

1. Midnight Fireworks

These nails have a deep, dark base with bursts of bright orange and red fireworks. The vibrant firework patterns stand out against the dark backdrop, while a hint of gold glitter adds a touch of sparkle. The effect is reminiscent of fireworks lighting up a dark night.

2. Subtle Celebration

This set features a creamy nude base with subtle pops of red and black firework patterns. The design combines dots and sparkles to create a gentle firework effect, with a natural transition from clear to opaque. It’s a sophisticated take on the fireworks theme.

3. Glitter Blaze

The nails in this set use a mix of vibrant colors to create a stunning firework display. Each nail features an array of glittering fireworks in reds, blues, and silvers. The deep base color emphasizes the fireworks’ brilliance, adding depth and dimension to the design.

4. Shimmering Eruption

These nails are filled with vibrant firework bursts. The base is a light pink, with an overlay of red, orange, and gold glitter that gives the impression of fireworks exploding across the nail. The mix of colors and sparkles creates a lively and festive design.

5. Starry Flare

A vibrant explosion of fireworks on a neutral background makes these nails truly striking. Each nail has a unique firework pattern in orange and black, accented with sparkling glitter. The design has a playful yet elegant feel, perfect for a festive occasion.


6. Firework Festival

These nails are all about glitter and glow. The designs showcase golden fireworks bursting against a dark background, with a mix of pink and white dots for added flair. The use of glitter in varying sizes gives the effect of a fireworks display at night, creating a sparkling festival on each nail.

7. Ember Glow

These nails feature a dark base with fiery bursts of orange and gold. The firework designs resemble embers flickering in a bonfire, with flecks of red and yellow adding a warm glow. The overall effect is bold and striking, perfect for a dramatic look.

8. Carnival Lights

These nails are a celebration of color with a fun, vibrant firework pattern. The base is a soft nude shade, while each firework explodes with different colors, from bright orange to vivid turquoise. The dotted accents add to the carnival-like feel of this joyful design.

9. Dandelion Dreams

These nails are a softer take on fireworks, with white bursts against a neutral base. The firework patterns have a whimsical dandelion-like look, with gold glitter adding a touch of sparkle. This design offers a delicate and dreamy aesthetic with a hint of playful charm.

10. Autumnal Bangs

This set of nails captures the essence of fall with its warm tones and glittery firework designs. The firework patterns burst from a neutral base, with a mix of orange, gold, and black accents. The overall look is reminiscent of a crisp autumn evening with fireworks lighting up the sky.

11. Gilded Sparks

This design combines a soft cream base with golden firework motifs. The fireworks radiate outward, creating a gentle explosion of gold. The subtle shading and delicate lines give these nails a luxurious and elegant appearance, perfect for a touch of glamour.

12. Firecracker

A burst of red and white fireworks dominates these nails, set against a deep black background. The firework patterns are bold and energetic, with tiny dots adding a sense of motion and sparkle. The contrast between the vibrant reds and the dark base creates a high-impact look.

More Firework Nail Designs I LOVE!

Whether you prefer bold bursts of color or subtle shimmer, there’s a firework-inspired nail art design to suit your style. Get ready to light up the night sky and wow the crowd with this expanded gallery of nail art inspirations!

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