Go BIG and BOLD: 58 Funky Nail Designs

Written By Belle Garston


If you’re looking for a bold new look and aren’t afraid to stand out, then these 58 truly funky and outrageous nail designs are going to be perfect for you. They’re bold. They’re brave. They’re vibrant.

1. Radiant Sunshine

This lively assortment bursts with vibrant hues, featuring a full spectrum from a bright sunny yellow to a fiery orange, with each nail painted a different shade to resemble rays of sunshine.

2. Neon Splash

A bold twist on classic camo, splashes of neon pink, green, blue, and yellow overlap in a funky pattern that’s sure to turn heads and make a statement.

3. Electric Wave

Vivid waves of color twist and turn in a psychedelic dance, where neon yellow, orange, and hot pink collide, creating a visual electric party on each nail.

4. Tropical Heatwave

Imagine a tropical sunset with these nails, where hot pinks, electric oranges, and bright yellows blend into a fiery ombre that’s as vibrant as a beach party.

5. Funky Neon Tips

The tips of these nails dazzle with neon glitter, lighting up the vibrant base colors like neon signs against a twilight sky, funky and fabulous.

6. Kaleidoscopic

These nails are a funky mosaic of color, with stained-glass-like patterns in bold, saturated hues that are playful, vibrant, and beautifully eclectic.

7. Zigzagging Waves

Zigzagging lines in a myriad of electric hues crisscross over a black base, each nail a canvas of vibrant, energetic stripes that are wild and untamed.

8. Fiesta Skulls

Vibrant and spirited, these nails celebrate life with colorful sugar skulls and festive accents, each one a tribute to the vivacity of a fiesta.

9. Galactic Skull Art

These nails are a cosmic journey, with neon skulls over a dark space-like backdrop, sprinkled with starry specks, creating a funky universe at your fingertips.

10. Psychedelic Swirls

A trippy concoction of swirling colors, these nails feature groovy patterns in bright, psychedelic hues that scream retro funk and playful boldness.

11. Candy Marble Swirls

Smooth swirls of candy-like colors twist in a mesmerizing pattern, blending a mix of vibrant shades into a funky marble design that’s both sweet and edgy.

12. Insect Silhouettes

Funky and fearless, these nails bring a touch of the natural world with elegant insect silhouettes perched atop an ombre of vivid, sunset-inspired colors.

13. Retro Neons

Daring neon hues take a sharp turn on these nails, creating edgy angles and retro vibes, with lines that play a lively game of Tetris on your fingertips.

14. Tropical Chevrons

These nails are a slice of tropical paradise, with chevron patterns basking in juicy shades of teal, pink, and orange, reminiscent of a beach party under the sun.

15. Fall Zigzags

Crisp zigzags in a palette of autumn warmth slice through cool teal, creating a chic, sleek look that’s both funky and sophisticated.

16. Stripe

Urban and bold, these nails capture the rhythm of city life with dynamic stripes, mingling classic colors with pops of neon for a look that’s totally street-smart.

17. Candy Flows

Like rivers of melting candy, vibrant streams of color flow seamlessly across each nail, creating a deliciously funky and sweet abstract masterpiece.

18. Neon Mirage

A bold mirage of neon tones dances across these nails, each zigzag a burst of color that brings to mind the electrifying energy of a desert festival.

19. Sunny Chevrons

Charming chevrons dip into a sunset of colors, where bright sky blues fade into dusky oranges, encapsulating the funky tranquility of a summer evening.

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