40 Glitter Nail Designs to Add Some Sparkle to Your Everyday Look

Written By Belle Garston


Want to add some glitz, glamour and bling to your nails? Then you’re going to need to check out these snazzy, jazzy and sparkling nail designs. These are some of my top glitter nail designs:

1. Winter’s Whisper

Dazzle in the delicate drift of silver glitter, melting from a frosted peak down to a nude base. These stiletto nails capture the essence of a wintry scape, sparkling with each graceful gesture.

2. Champagne Shimmer

Toast to the subtle glam with nails dipped in gold and silver sparkles against a classic nude backdrop. This design is a sip of sophistication, with each nail telling a story of timeless sparkle.

3. Midnight

Embrace the night sky with nails that twinkle like stars against the infinite black. The fine silver glitter scattered over the sleek onyx base creates an allure as enigmatic as a constellation.

4. Confetti Carnival

It’s a festival at your fingertips with nails dressed in confetti-like sparkles, celebrating shades of silver, pink, and black. This nail design throws a party where the glitters dance in the light.

5. Golden Glamour

Dripping in opulence, these nails flaunt a cascade of gold and silver glitter, like a river of wealth flowing over a sandy bank. Each nail is a testament to unapologetic luxury and shine.


6. Fuschia Fantasy

Dive into a bold, sparkling fuchsia dream where glitter is the language of glamour. These nails gleam with a cosmic charm, radiating a playful yet powerful pink dazzle.

7. Magenta Dust

Get lost in a cloud of deep magenta glitter, dense and rich, covering each nail with the opulence of precious gems. These nails are a true sparkle fest, vibrant with effervescent energy.

8. Galactic Party

Step into a universe where every nail is a starburst of color, with glitter that creates a cosmic ballet. The dance of pastel sparkles on a dark base makes every flicker a celestial celebration.

9. Disco

These nails are a sprinkle of fun, with multicolored glitter like a disco ball in the spotlight. A delightful chaos of sparkle, reflecting a spectrum of joy on each nail.

10. Floral Sparkle

Nature meets glamour with delicate floral artistry paired with a sprinkle of gold glitter. It’s a refined garden party, where elegance sparkles subtly amidst blooming flowers.

11. Sunshine Glitter Bomb

A golden explosion of glitter, these nails are like a dipped in a pot of molten gold and rainbow sparkles. It’s a bright, joyful shimmer that lights up with movement.

12. Copper Blaze

These nails are a dreamy blend of copper and silver glitter, flowing like a river of metallic lava. The cool warmth of the sparkles creates a captivating illusion of molten sparkle.

13. Summer Fruit

Bask in the joyful vibrancy of summer with nails speckled in red, green, and gold glitters, reminiscent of a sun-kissed fruit salad. It’s a playful burst of color that’s as fresh as a juicy bite!

14. Enchanted Florals

Dive into a mysterious evening garden with dark nails hosting a colorful array of floral-inspired sparkles. Each nail is a petal in the night, glistening with a story only the stars know.

15. Rose Gold Geode

Unlock the natural luxury of a rose gold geode, where glitter veins mimic the earth’s treasures. A sophisticated sparkle with an edge, these nails are a perfect blend of elegance and raw beauty.

16. Winter Frost

Embrace the hush of winter with a graceful frost effect, sprinkled with the softest glitter like the first snowfall. These nails whisper a serene beauty, peaceful and gently radiant.

More Glitter Nail Designs I LOVE!

A picture (or photo) speaks a thousand words. That’s why I’ve also put together an extended gallery of my fave glitter nail designs. Let me know which you love the most!

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