Be Bold! 30 Trendsetting Hair Colors for Guys

Written By Belle Garston


There’s plenty on my site covering hair colors for women but not enough for my guy friends out there. That’s why I’ve put together this list of my 30 top looks for the men out there. Here are 30 hair colors you just need to try:

1. Sun-Kissed Twirls

Golden highlights twirl through his tousled brown locks, evoking a beachy vibe that’s effortlessly cool. The sun-kissed touch adds a lively dimension, proving blond accents aren’t just for the surfers but a subtle nod to summer for any gentleman.

2. Dapper Darkness

A natural palette of deep chestnut with hints of earthy tones makes for a timeless look. It’s a versatile hue that suits any occasion, marrying the line between casual charm and sleek professionalism.

3. Caramel Twist

Soft caramel tones blend into his brunette hair, offering a sweet contrast that frames the face. This choice brightens the complexion and pairs wonderfully with a sunlit lifestyle, perfect for those who want a touch of warmth without a complete color overhaul.

4. Roasted Coffee Beans

The richness of roasted coffee beans comes to life in these dark, thick tresses. It’s a robust color that suggests strength and sophistication, ideal for a man who wants to project a grounded, yet polished presence.

5. Crimson Rebel

Bold streaks of crimson blaze through the dark base, delivering an edgy and expressive style. This fiery choice commands attention and breaks the mold, ideal for the daring soul looking to make a statement.

6. Beachfront Bronde

He sports a ‘bronde’ mane; that sweet spot between blonde and brunette, reminiscent of golden sands and lazy beach days. It’s a low-maintenance, high-impact choice that says ‘laid-back’ as much as it does ‘styled.’

7. Pastel Panache

He rocks a whirl of pastels with lavender and pink hues dancing atop a charcoal base—expressive and whimsical. It’s a modern palette that plays with convention, perfect for creative souls who refuse to fade into the background.

8. Sunset Spikes

The hair mimics a twilight sky with gradients of peach and orange streaks, blending into his sandy base. It’s a fiery take on the classic spiked look, adding a dash of adventure to his everyday style.

9. Silver Surf

Here’s a nod to the silver fox with sleek, wavy locks kissed by a smoky hue. The gradient from dark roots to silver tips adds a distinguished yet playful edge, blending wisdom and whimsy in equal measure.

10. Fuchsia Flash

His hair makes a statement with bold fuchsia spikes, giving off a vibrant, electric energy. It’s a hue that’s not just a color but an attitude, speaking volumes of his confident, stand-out-from-the-crowd personality.

11. Mystic Violet

Soft purple curls cascade with a touch of mystery and magic. It’s a regal color that turns heads, suggesting a creative and introspective spirit with a penchant for the unique.

12. Raven Waves

Maintaining the timeless appeal of classic black, his waves add depth and dimension, proving that traditional color can still hold its own in the realm of style. It’s an enduring choice that speaks of strength and natural elegance.

13. Bleached Beach Waves

This frosted tip surf’s up style is the perfect blend of blond highlights and darker roots, giving off a carefree beach boy vibe. It’s ideal for the adventurous spirit who’s ready to ride the wave of style.

14. Espresso Swirl

The rich, dark curls with just a hint of auburn are like an espresso with a splash of caramel. It’s classic yet full of depth, perfect for a guy who appreciates a strong, natural look with a hint of mystery.

15. Coral Craze

His hair pops with a playful coral hue, like a tropical sunset on his head. It’s a fearless choice that balances the line between softness and wild fun, sure to turn heads and spark conversations.

16. Tangerine Pop

Vibrant tangerine takes center stage, giving his look an electric, energetic edge. This bold shade isn’t just a color—it’s a statement of confidence and vivaciousness, great for standing out in any crowd.

17. Iced Latte

Cool blond tones mixed with natural brown give a lifted, refreshing look, reminiscent of an iced latte. It’s the perfect blend for a relaxed yet stylish vibe, suitable for a guy who’s laid-back but still likes to keep it sharp.

18. Sunlit Chestnut

Soft, chestnut waves with sunlit highlights create a look that’s relaxed yet refined. It’s an all-season style that shines with warmth and sophistication, ideal for the guy with a sunny disposition and a classy edge.

19. Sunlight Drift

Blonde highlights with a natural brown base give off the perfect sunkissed drift. It’s laid-back yet stylish, ideal for the guy who’s all about catching waves and rays.

20. Deep Wave Espresso

Luscious deep brown waves with subtle espresso tones suggest a richness and depth. It’s a look that speaks of mystery and sophistication, perfect for the thinker with a poetic side.

21. Jet Black Spike

The classic jet black, spiked with precision, creates a sharp and defined look. It’s both modern and timeless, fitting for a man who commands respect and attention in any room he enters.

22. Silver Fox

The platinum blonde with cool undertones makes a bold statement of individuality. It’s striking and forward-thinking, for those who aren’t afraid to stand out and show off their style prowess.

23. Ginger Tousle

Rich ginger tones with a twist of auburn create a fiery look full of warmth and character. It’s a vibrant choice for the spirited individual with a spark of adventure.

24. Sunset Fade

Warm tones of orange and red melt together, reminiscent of a sunset’s glow. It’s a youthful and energetic hue that adds a touch of playfulness to his look.

25. Crimson Rush

A bold, red streak running through dark hair like a flash of lightning. It’s a look that’s daring and energetic, a signature style for someone who leads the pack with confidence.

26. Tight Beach Blond

Light, sandy blond curls evoke an easy, breezy beach feel. It’s a color that’s as relaxed as a sunny day by the shore, yet stylish enough for any urban escapade.

27. Caramel Twists

Glossy, textured curls in a sumptuous caramel hue offer a playful twist on the classic quiff. It’s a harmonious blend of sophistication and fun, fitting for the charismatic gentleman.

28. Mocha Swirl

Swirls of light and dark brown cascade together, reminiscent of a well-crafted mocha. This natural contrast provides a subtle yet captivating look, perfect for the understated yet stylish individual.

29. Ginger Quiff

A lively ginger tone crowns his head with a playful quiff that’s full of movement. It’s the kind of look that’s both fun and fiery, perfect for a creative spirit.

30. Technicolor Touch

Streaks of teal, purple, and blue through dark hair suggest a free-spirited nature with a love for the unconventional. It’s an artistic statement that defies the ordinary.

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