34 Bewitching Hair Colors That Are Perfect for Halloween Night!

Written By Belle Garston


Want a bold and daring look for Halloween this year? These 34 hair colors are a good place to start. Do any of these look like something you could rock? Let me know!

1. Autumn Whisper

This hairstyle is like a gentle rustle through an autumn forest with its soft green and fiery orange streaks, giving off total Halloween vibes without being over-the-top.

It’s subtly mystical, making it just the thing for someone who wants to channel their inner nature spirit or a mischievous pumpkin pixie. The colors are muted enough for daytime wear but come alive under the moonlight, perfect for that laid-back Halloween party.

2. Moody Ocean

Here’s a look that screams cool and collected sea witch ready to emerge from the waves on All Hallows’ Eve.

The deep blues and greens are reminiscent of the churning sea, and it’s this moody mix that would make anyone’s Halloween ensemble feel a bit more spellbinding. It’s casual yet bewitching, ideal for those looking to cast a subtle spell wherever they go.

3. Pumpkin Spice

Bask in the glow of this vibrant pumpkin spice palette! It’s got all the Halloween warmth you could ask for without diving into costume territory.

The bright orange tones are playful and energetic, sure to turn heads and light up any room like a jack-o’-lantern. It’s the kind of hair that pairs with a cozy sweater and a mischievous grin, ready for pumpkin carving or trick-or-treating fun.

4. Witching Hour

This hairstyle is all about that deep purple that whispers of the witching hour, making it an instant hit for Halloween enthusiasts who love a touch of the dramatic.

The color is bold, mysterious, and just the right side of edgy—imagine pairing it with a witch’s hat or flowing robes for a look that’s enchanting and totally bewitching.

5. Spellbound Lavender

Soft lavender infused with a dreamy, muted vibe gives this hairstyle a magical quality that’s tailor-made for Halloween. It’s whimsical and light, perfect for the person who wants to float through Halloween with an air of fantasy.

6. Fiery Foliage

If you’re looking to channel the fiery essence of fall leaves, this hairstyle is your ticket. With shades that mimic the changing leaves, it’s a natural fit for Halloween—especially if you’re into the whole bewitched forest vibe.

7. Embers

This sizzling orange is like a flickering flame atop her head, giving all the cozy, spicy vibes of a Halloween night. It’s bold and warm, perfect for someone looking to light up the room at a costume party or while out trick-or-treating. It’s not just a color; it’s a statement – one that says she’s fearless, fierce, and fun.

8. Witchy Whirlwind

Swirls of dark purple and sunset pink give off the perfect blend of Halloween mystery and glam. It’s like she’s got her own personal potion brewing on top of her head, ready to bewitch with every turn. This hair is for the girl who’s got a spell book in one hand and a pumpkin spice latte in the other.

9. Autumnal Blush

With locks like a sunset in October, this style is the epitome of the fall season. It’s the kind of hair that’s as comfortable at a haunted house as it is at a harvest festival. Whoever rocks this look is ready to dive into a pile of leaves and come up smiling.

10. Midnight Siren

The striking blend of midnight black and oceanic blue hints at secret depths and dark waters. This look is for the girl who’s all about the allure of Halloween night. It’s cool, it’s mysterious, and it’s definitely got some secrets.

11. Haunting Elegance

With a ghostly white that’s as haunting as it is elegant, this hair is for those who embrace the ethereal side of Halloween. It’s less about jump scares and more about floating through the room leaving a trail of intrigue.

12. Retro Ghost

Rocking this milky white mane, she’s giving us all the chic ghost vibes one could ask for on Halloween. It’s not just a color; it’s a fashion statement, a bold nod to the supernatural.

This hair is for those who want to turn heads and haunt hearts, a perfect match for an ethereal costume or an avant-garde look that screams otherworldly elegance.

13. Mystic Lavender Haze

This lavender-tinted white is like a fog rolling in from a realm of fantasy, hinting at the presence of magic. It’s ideal for anyone looking to cast a bewitching spell this Halloween.

Pair this with a dark, vampy lip, and you’ve got a look that’s both spectral and seductive—a tantalizing combo for any All Hallows’ Eve festivity.

14. Enchanted Emerald

She’s not just stepping out; she’s stepping out of a mythical forest with this deep, rich green. It’s the kind of hue that says she’s up for adventure, maybe joining a coven or just leading the pack through a moonlit Halloween escapade.

This hair whispers tales of ancient trees and secrets kept in the deep woods, perfect for anyone aiming to embody nature’s own mysterious spirit.

15. Sea Witch Dream

This vibrant teal, with its deep-sea essence, is all about the siren’s call and the lure of the waves.

It’s perfect for those who dream of a Halloween that’s a little bit magical, a little bit nautical, and all about stepping into a character that’s as deep and mysterious as the ocean. Whether it’s for a costume or just to make a splash at a party, this color is a treasure trove of maritime mystique.

16. Midnight Silk

A cascade of glossy black waves that whisper of moonless skies and hidden depths. This hair speaks of quiet confidence, an understated elegance that’s perfect for a sleek vampire queen or a chic witch stepping out on Halloween night.

17. Lilac Dream

Soft purple curls tumble like lavender fields in a gentle dream, suggesting a playful side with a touch of the mystical. It’s a delightful nod to fantasy realms, great for those who want to embody a fairy-tale character or a whimsical sorceress on Halloween.

18. Deep Amethyst

Deeper shades of purple suggest midnight magic and regal charm. This vibrant color is fit for a Halloween queen, be it of the fairy realm or the undercity night. It’s a statement of boldness and beauty wrapped into one.

19. Shadowed Plum

This moody purple with hints of dark mystery perfectly captures the Halloween spirit. It’s ideal for those who want to blend sultry style with the allure of the night, fitting for a modern gothic look or a brooding enchantress costume.

20. Sun Fire Twist

Bold streaks of yellow and red mix with soft waves, reminiscent of autumn’s flame. This hairstyle is perfect for the spirited soul ready to bring warmth and light to any Halloween gathering, akin to a living bonfire under the stars.

21. Ginger Siren

Fiery orange with a tinge of red, this color is like the glow of a pumpkin’s grin on All Hallows’ Eve. It’s vibrant and alive, ready for anyone who wants their Halloween look to be as lively and bright as a harvest moon.

22. Fall Blaze

With swirls of red and orange, this hair embodies the very essence of fall. The colors are perfect for someone who wants to be as daring and vibrant as an October sunset, great for a fun, spirited Halloween adventure.

23. Ember Essence

This look is a striking combo of deep browns and vibrant oranges, reminiscent of embers in a cozy autumn bonfire. The vivid streaks breathe life into the dark base, perfect for anyone looking to add some fiery flair to their style.

24. Vivid Violet

Purple power shines through this vivid violet bob that’s as deep and rich as a glass of fine wine. The playful waves add a flirty touch, making it a go-to style for those who embrace boldness with a hint of mischief.

25. Oceanic Waves

Here’s a serene blend of deep blues and greens that invoke the tranquil depths of the ocean. This hairstyle is a breath of fresh sea air, suggesting an easygoing vibe with an adventurous undertone.

26. Sleek Onyx

Sleek and shiny, this jet-black bob is sophistication personified. Its glossy finish and sharp cut make it a timeless choice for anyone aiming for a look that’s both classic and contemporary.

27. Sunset Serenade

A harmonious melody of oranges and reds, this hairstyle is like a symphony at twilight. It’s the perfect style for someone looking to express their creative spirit and fiery passion.

28. Ginger Spice

Rich ginger tones mixed with a dash of spice create a look that’s as inviting as a warm, spiced tea. It’s a style that says cozy yet chic, a perfect blend for a spirited soul.

29. Citrus Splash

This refreshing style with a splash of citrus hues ranging from bright orange to a hint of pink is like a tropical sunrise. It’s ideal for those who carry summer in their hearts all year round.

30. Tangerine Tussles

This hairstyle exudes the vibrancy of a summer’s day with tangerine hues that perfectly capture the playful and energetic spirit. The wavy texture gives off a just-back-from-the-beach vibe that’s all about carefree fun in the sun.

31. Copper Curls

Bursting with life, these luscious copper curls are the epitome of bold and beautiful. The vivacious spirals add a bouncy, dynamic twist, perfect for anyone with a zest for life and an affinity for statement-making styles.

32. Silver Siren

Elegance meets edge with this luxurious silver mane that flows like molten metal. It’s a sophisticated style that doesn’t whisper but rather confidently declares a sense of self-assured grace and ageless allure.

33. Midnight Cascade

Here’s a look that’s as mysterious and deep as the midnight sky. The dark tresses with a subtle hint of blue provide a striking contrast, ideal for those who embody the night’s enigmatic charm and cool composure.

34. Noir Chic

Classic and sharp, this jet-black bob with a fringe frames the face beautifully, offering a touch of Parisian chic. It’s a sleek, versatile look that pairs with everything, just like that perfect little black dress.

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