36 Hair Colors That Flatter Women Over 60

Written By Belle Garston


Turning 60 is a fabulous milestone, and it’s the perfect time to embrace a new hair color that complements your style and personality. Whether you’re aiming for something bold and vibrant or subtle and sophisticated, I’ve got the look for you!

1. Fiery Auburn

This rich, fiery auburn color adds warmth and vibrancy to any look. The deep red tones bring out a youthful glow, making it perfect for a bold and confident woman who wants to stand out.

2. Vibrant Copper

This striking copper hue radiates energy and flair. Its bright, vivid orange undertones are ideal for a woman who embraces her unique style and loves to make a statement with her hair.

3. Rosy Pink

A soft, rosy pink shade that exudes playfulness and creativity. This whimsical color is perfect for a free-spirited woman who enjoys experimenting with her look and isn’t afraid to break the mold.

4. Silver Fox

This elegant silver shade is timeless and sophisticated. It complements natural graying hair beautifully, offering a chic and modern look that enhances a woman’s grace and confidence.

5. Flaming Tangerine

A bold mix of flaming orange and vibrant tangerine. This adventurous color is perfect for the daring woman who loves to express her fiery personality and zest for life through her hair.

6. Bold Pumpkin

This daring pumpkin orange is full of character and charm. It’s a fantastic choice for a woman who enjoys standing out and embracing her fiery, independent spirit with a trendy and youthful edge.

7. Platinum Blonde

This stunning platinum blonde shade exudes sophistication and brightness. It beautifully highlights a woman’s features, adding a touch of elegance and youthful energy.

8. Raven

A deep, raven black color that is timeless and striking. Perfect for a woman who desires a classic, dramatic look that accentuates her natural beauty and exudes confidence.

9. Soft Charcoal

This soft charcoal hue offers a subtle, smoky elegance. Ideal for a woman who prefers a refined, understated look that enhances her features with a touch of modernity.

10. Classic Silver

A classic silver shade that embraces natural graying with grace. It adds a sophisticated and chic vibe, perfect for a woman who loves to highlight her natural beauty and maturity.

11. Bold Tangerine

This bold tangerine color is vibrant and daring. It’s perfect for a woman who wants to express her fiery personality and zest for life with a bold, eye-catching look.

12. Ash Gray

An elegant ash gray that beautifully complements natural grays. This shade is perfect for a woman who loves a soft, sophisticated look that enhances her natural grace and charm.

More Hair Colors for Women Over 60 I LOVE!

I love it when women go big and BOLD with their hair color choices which is why I’ve put together this huge gallery of ideas for you to check out:

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