32 Jaw-Dropping Hairstyles for Wedding Guests

Written By Belle Garston


Attending a wedding and want to look the part? Not sure what to do with your hair? Then I’ve got plenty of ideas for you. Here are some classic (and not so classic) hairstyles you can rock at a wedding:

1. Soft Spirals

This hairstyle is all about soft, cascading curls that fall with a whispery touch, adding a romantic flair that’s just right for a wedding guest. The gentle side-swept bangs and flowing waves create a dreamy vibe that’s both sophisticated and inviting, ideal for celebrating love and union.

2. Casual Chic Twist

Here we have an embodiment of effortless grace with a half-up, half-down style, featuring a casual twist that adds a touch of intrigue. It’s the perfect blend of carefree and stylish, making it a top pick for a wedding guest aiming to balance comfort with a polished look.

3. Classic Sophisticate

This style speaks of classic charm with its smooth, flowing layers and a subtle lift at the crown. It’s understated yet elegant, offering a timeless appeal that suits the festive ambiance of a wedding while ensuring the guest looks refined and camera-ready.

4. Vivacious Volume

Embrace the celebration with this lively and voluminous style. It boasts a playful lift at the roots that transitions into free-flowing waves, exuding a vibrant and cheerful aura. It’s a style that allows a wedding guest to express their joy and energy, all while keeping it tasteful and wedding-appropriate.

5. Retro Wave

Here’s a playful nod to retro glam with a modern twist – think soft, finger waves that dance around the face creating a dynamic yet refined look. This hairstyle is a showstopper for a wedding guest, adding a dash of old-school charm without overpowering the overall ensemble.

6. Sleek Waves

Simplicity shines through with this sleek, gently waved style that exudes elegance. It’s the ultimate ‘do for someone who wants to look put-together with minimal fuss. It’s versatile for any wedding scene, carrying a blend of sophistication and approachability.

7. Gentle Curls

This style boasts glamorous, defined curls that soften the face and add a touch of sophistication. It’s the kind of hairstyle that makes a statement of understated luxury, perfect for a guest who wants to turn heads in the most subtle of ways.

8. Enchanted Curls

Here, we have a hairstyle that’s all about soft, romantic curls, pinned back just enough to grace the contours of the face beautifully. It’s enchanting and exudes a calm, collected vibe, ideal for enjoying the wedding festivities with poise and grace.

9. Whimsical Waves

This look offers a free-spirited charm with gentle, cascading waves. The movement is delightful, perfect for a guest who’s ready to sway to the music and celebrate the night away. It’s polished yet spirited, capturing the essence of a joyful occasion.

10. Side Sweep

The subtle asymmetry of this side-swept wave style adds an intriguing edge. It’s a sophisticated choice for someone who loves a mix of flair and function, allowing them to enjoy the festivity while looking absolutely chic.

11. Beachy Waves

Here’s a laid-back, beachy wave that screams relaxed elegance. It’s a sunny look for a guest bringing the warmth of their personality to the wedding, offering a balance of style without stealing the spotlight.

12. Updo Twist

An elegant updo with soft tendrils framing the face, this style is all about intricate simplicity. Perfect for a guest seeking to couple comfort with style, it keeps things neat while exuding a refined flair.

13. Loose Curls

Gorgeously undone, these loose curls embody a carefree luxe. It’s an ideal hairstyle for someone who wants to blend in with the romantic vibe of the wedding while maintaining a touch of personal sophistication.

14. Chic Chignon

A classic chignon with a modern twist, this look is effortlessly elegant. It’s a fantastic option for a guest aiming for grace and poise, with every strand carefully arranged to perfection.

15. Soft Waves

Softly spiraled waves give this hairstyle a magical touch. It’s enchanting without being overdone, making it a top pick for a guest who wants to look charming and graceful as they partake in the celebration.

16. Half-Up Half-Down

Here we have a half-up, half-down creation that strikes the perfect chord between relaxed and radiant. This style is poised and pretty, allowing a guest to shine with a serene confidence that complements the romantic atmosphere.

17. Swept-Up Soft

This hairstyle brings an airy, swept-up softness to the scene. The gentle lift at the roots flows into relaxed waves, crafting an aura of easy elegance. It’s a go-to for any guest who desires a touch of whimsy and a free-spirited vibe.

18. Regal Twisted Bun

Exuding a regal charm, this twisted bun sits gracefully atop the head. It’s a polished look that pairs beautifully with the joyful formality of a wedding, ideal for a guest who appreciates a mix of tradition and trend.

19. Crowned Updo

This casually crowned updo is both playful and poised. The effortless twist and loose strands framing the face create a look of laid-back luxury, perfect for a guest seeking a blend of comfort and chic.

20. Curly Bob

Here’s a charismatic curly bob with the perfect balance of bounce and finesse. It’s especially fitting for a wedding guest who loves to express their personality while keeping it utterly sophisticated.

21. Elegant Side Sweep

With a graceful side sweep, this hairstyle exudes an elegant yet welcoming vibe. It’s a versatile look that’s equally suitable for a daytime garden affair or a glittering evening celebration.

22. Bouncy Bob

The bouncy bob brings a spirited brilliance to any wedding scene. It’s a vibrant choice for guests who want to keep their style cheerful and full of life, while maintaining a polished look.

23. Tousled Updo

A tousled updo that’s all about relaxed elegance. It’s a sophisticated selection for someone who wants to look refined with a hint of playful charm, a true reflection of a festive spirit.

24. Chic Wavy Bob

This chic wavy bob is sleek and full of movement. It’s an ideal hairstyle for the contemporary guest, combining the ease of short hair with the grace of soft waves, perfect for a day of love and celebration.

25. Cascading Curls

Long, flowing locks cascade with ease, framing the face in gentle waves. It’s the epitome of romantic charm, perfect for the wedding guest who wants to look both enchanting and effortless.

26. Glamour Waves

The soft, undulating waves give off a glamorous yet relaxed vibe. This style is perfect for the guest who strikes a balance between looking stunning and feeling comfortable throughout the wedding festivities.

27. Refined Updo

A sophisticated updo with romantic curls and elegant wisps. It’s a refined choice for a wedding guest, offering a timeless look that’s both graceful and stylish.

28. Wavy Tendrils

Loose waves and whimsical tendrils offer a look that’s both laid-back and elegant, perfect for the wedding guest who loves a bit of playful charm in their style.

29. Effortless Elegance

Gently swept-back hair with soft curls embodies a look of elegant effortlessness. This hairstyle is a gorgeous choice for a guest who prefers a subtle yet stunning appearance.

30. Luxurious Waves

Luxurious waves that shine and flow with a natural grace, this style adds a luminous touch to any wedding guest’s ensemble, reflecting a sophisticated yet carefree spirit.

31. Curled Bob

A timeless curled bob with a modern twist, this hairstyle offers a chic and stylish look that’s perfect for the wedding guest who appreciates classic elegance with a touch of fun.

32. Silver Sophistication

Flowing silver waves exude sophistication and confidence. This hairstyle is perfect for the wedding guest who carries a wealth of experience and an air of refined grace.

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