27 Easy-Peasy Nail Designs for Beginners (That Look Pro)

Written By Belle Garston


You’ve probably come across countless nail designs online, tried to recreate them and found them a little more challenging than they first look. I’ve been there, don’t worry! But these nail designs are super simple yet look stunning:

1. Classic Scarlett

Deep red polish exudes timeless beauty on these perfectly almond-shaped nails, with a glossy finish that offers a sophisticated sheen ideal for an elegant soiree.

2. Pastel Party

A delightful medley of pastel shades brings a playful touch to these nails, featuring a polka-dot party on the ring finger.

The palette of soft peach, serene blue, and muted purple creates a whimsical candy-colored dreamscape, while the white base of the accent nail serves as a canvas for joyful speckles of color.

3. Summer Citrus Splash

Vibrant and zesty tones on these nails conjure images of a refreshing citrus medley on a sun-drenched afternoon. Each nail sports a unique summery design, from crisp stripes to a touch of glitter, all wrapped in juicy, eye-catching colors that recall the essence of summer fun.

4. Easter Egg Hunt

Soft pastel hues on these nails are reminiscent of a playful Easter egg hunt through a blooming spring garden.

A combination of solid colors and charming egg-inspired artwork decorates each nail, with shades of sky blue, baby pink, and sunny yellow narrating a story of springtime delight and renewal.

5. Pastel Rainbow

This set presents a delicate rainbow crafted from an assortment of pastel colors, stretching across the fingertips like the first blush of a spring dawn. Subtle floral patterns add an artistic nuance to the nails, with a gentle shimmer providing a whimsical and enchanting finish.

6. Gold Rush

An entire set of nails is bathed in the opulence of glittering gold, offering a bold statement of luxury.

The variety of textures, from a smooth sparkle to 3D jewel embellishments, creates a multi-faceted look that radiates the warmth and richness of a lavish lifestyle, ready to dazzle at any high-profile event.

7. Golden Glitz

If you want to sparkle then these are the nails for you. Simple and glittery it’s an easy-to-achieve effect that looks like it took a lot more effort.

8. Minty Fresh

The nails are dressed in a vivid mint green that sets a refreshing and modern tone, complemented by a playful dash of minimalist red dots. The crisp, matte finish of the green is a modern take on a retro vibe, resulting in a design that’s both clean and engaging.

9. Serene Green

Serene green nails offer a soft matte embrace, signaling the awakening of spring and the peace of nature’s renewal.

10. Lemon Polka

These nails are a playful ode to summertime refreshment, with a creamy lemon polish adorned with white polka dots that resemble a sprinkling of sugar atop a tangy lemon dessert.

11. Tangerine Dream

A vibrant burst of tangerine takes center stage, with a high-gloss finish that catches the light and energizes any look. The feature nail sports a sleek white line, bringing an artistic flair to the fiery canvas.

12. Blush Elegance

Here we have nails adorned with a soft, blush pink, oozing understated elegance. Their gentle curve and natural length are polished to a near-transparent finish, making for a versatile and refined aesthetic perfect for any occasion.

13. Dalmatian

Black speckles dance across a field of white, evoking the playful spirit of a dalmatian’s coat. These nails bring a touch of whimsy and are sure to be a conversation starter with their bold pattern.

14. Clean Polka Dot

These nails whisper a tale of subtle elegance with their soft white base and delicate polka dots. The look is dreamy and light, like the first snowfall, with each dot carefully placed to create a pattern of understated beauty.

15. Lavender Stardust

Dipped in the hue of twilight skies, these nails glisten with a dusting of cosmic sparkle. The almond shape lends a touch of drama, while the glitter invites the stars down to play.

16. Purple Haze

Capturing the mystery of twilight, these nails shimmer with a gradient of purple and silver. Each nail is a canvas for the interplay of color and light, offering a mesmerizing effect that enchants with every gesture.

17. Purple Glitz

Swathed in the royal essence of lavender, these nails are a nod to the glamorous nights filled with glitz. The fine glitter overlay captures the light with every movement, reminiscent of a twilight sky dusted with stars, while the almond shape adds to their elegant sophistication.

18. Aqua Serenity

Crisp aqua blue nails beckon the calmness of clear, tropical waters, embodying a tranquil and refreshing escape. The smooth, creamy finish suggests a flawless, cloudless summer sky, promising a breath of fresh air and a plunge into cool serenity.

19. Negative Polka

These nails boast a playful yet elegant design, with a base of soft white adorned with neat polka dots that bring a classic, vintage dress to mind. The dotted design is timeless, suggesting a delicate sophistication perfect for a tea party or a quaint afternoon affair.

20. Champagne Glitz

A luxurious shade resembling a glass of bubbly champagne coats these nails. Each nail is adorned with a shimmer that captures the festive sparkle of a toast to life’s finest moments.

21. Soft Pink

Bathed in golden sunlight, these nails exude a soft elegance with their natural, delicate pink hue. The subtle length and classic rounded shape add to the timeless sophistication, perfect for any occasion where grace is key.

22. Pink Sparkle

These nails carry the essence of romance with a whisper-soft pink, accented with a touch of sparkle like morning dew. The demure length and glossy finish speak of a quiet sophistication and an understated, chic style.

23. Snowflake Waltz

The nails seem to waltz with winter’s charm, as if dusted with the first snow. Each speckle catches the light like tiny snowflakes caught in a joyful dance, creating a serene winter wonderland at the tips of your fingers.

24. Bold Stripe

Bold, black lines traverse a white landscape in perfect symmetry on these nails. The clean, striking contrast is reminiscent of the precision of modern art, making a statement that is both crisp and edgy.

25. Abstract Stripe

Channeling an artist’s wild impulse, these nails boast bold black splatters and strokes on a stark white base, reminiscent of an abstract painting. The design evokes a sense of unbridled creativity and avant-garde flair.

26. Noir et Blanc

Sharp black stripes lay over a pearly white base in a chic pattern, exuding a sense of Parisian fashion. These nails marry the simplicity of color with the complexity of design, perfect for the trendsetting individual with a love for monochrome.

27. Creamy Linen

Evoking the cozy feel of soft linen, these nails charm with their creamy beige base and thin white stripes. The design speaks of lazy Sundays and the simple pleasure of slipping into your favorite comfortable clothing.

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