19 Nail Designs That Will Make Your Black Dress Stand Out

Written By Belle Garston


Obviously, it’s important to match your nails to your outfit. So, how should you do your nails if you’re wearing a pretty LBW? I think lots of nail designs work well with black dresses, here are my favs though:

1. Midnight Matte

Dive into the depths of elegance with these matte black nails. They boast a velvety finish that captures the mystique of a moonless night sky, offering a touch of drama to your fingertips.

2. Sapphire Dreams

Like a clear, deep ocean, these glossy blue nails bring serenity and depth. Each nail is a dive into the richness of a sapphire gemstone, making your hands the treasure of the sea.

3. Baroque Black and Gold

Opulence meets artistry in this design. Black nails serve as a canvas for intricate gold detailing, reminiscent of the luxurious patterns found in a baroque palace.

4. Celestial Nightfall

This design brings the night sky to your fingertips with a cosmic dance of black and gold. Tiny stars and constellations twinkle against the deep black expanse, making every gesture a celestial event.

5. Gilded Twilight

A single nail becomes the focal point with its shimmering gold, while the rest remain cloaked in glossy black. This contrast creates a sophisticated twilight where light fades into dark.

6. Arctic Eclipse

Here’s where the midnight hue meets the ice. A sleek black base with a splash of arctic blue on the tips gives the feeling of an eclipse in a polar sky.

7. Monochrome Lace

Delicate lace detailing over a translucent base offers a timeless elegance. It’s a perfect blend of traditional grace and modern minimalism on your nails.

8. Victorian Elegance

Immerse yourself in the romance of the Victorian era with these nails. The black base adorned with gold accents and patterns channels the intricate details of an antique lace gown.

9. Dalmatian Delight

These nails playfully scatter black dots over a white canvas, creating a fun and stylish nod to the classic dalmatian print. It’s whimsical yet chic, with a dash of retro flair.

10. Purple Reign

Each nail is coated in the luxurious shade of royal purple, with subtle sparkles that catch the light. They whisper tales of royalty and the lush velvet of a king’s robe.

11. Plum Perfection

Embrace the luscious depth of plum in this glossy finish that’s as rich as a ripe fruit. A regal touch for any occasion, offering a modern twist on a classic, sophisticated look.

12. Cherry Bombshell

Bright and bold, these glossy red nails with a touch of festive sparkle are the life of the party. They’re like your favorite red lipstick—timeless, with a dash of daring.

13. Onyx Oasis

Deep and mysterious, these glossy black nails are the epitome of sleek chic. Perfect for making a statement while keeping it classy and cool.

14. Night Whispers

The glossy black base provides a midnight canvas for delicate white designs, reminiscent of whispers in the dark. Each nail tells a different story in hushed tones.

15. Starry Night Sparkle

These nails glimmer with a dusting of galaxy-like sparkle over a glossy black base. It’s as if the night sky itself adorned your hands with celestial beauty.

16. Glittered Swirl

With swirls of black and silver glitter, these nails evoke the elegance of Art Deco design, reminiscent of lavish parties and timeless luxury.

17. Zebra Zen

Bold black and white stripes cascade down these nails, perfectly balancing the wildness of the savannah with the elegance of minimalism.

18. Abstract Artistry

These nails are a modern art piece with black and white geometric patterns. A perfect blend of abstract design and fashionable flair.

19. Piano Chic

Black and white patterns paired with a touch of glitter resemble the classic keys of a piano. This design hits all the right notes of sophisticated style with a playful beat.

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