Give Your Nails a Summer Makeover With these 40 Nail Designs

Written By Belle Garston


In the stunning sun of summer, don’t let your nails drag you down. Instead, try out some of these amazing summer nail designs to stand out this summer.

1. Tropical Hibiscus

Dainty hibiscus flowers bloom across a creamy base, mingled with delicate greenery. It’s a summery garden party at your fingertips, complete with a touch of golden sparkle that captures the sun’s glint.

2. Summer Breeze

A soft, milky backdrop is the canvas for slender silhouettes of wild flora, accented with specks of glitter like morning dew. The design whispers tales of peaceful summer dawns, waiting to unfold.

3. Summer Blossom

These nails dance with soft pastel florals and tender green leaves, laid out like a springtime reverie on a crisp white stage. It’s a serene stroll through a sunlit orchard, each petal and leaf placed with care.

4. Sparkling Ocean

Capturing the essence of where the ocean meets the sky, these nails feature gradient blues dusted with glitter. It’s a summer’s day by the sea, frozen in time on your nails, serene and sparkling

5. Lush Lillies

Whisper-light strokes paint the lilies and leaves across a soft canvas, echoing the gentle lull of a summer’s day. Each nail is a petal-filled dream, blooming quietly in the warmth of the sun.

6. Fiesta Florals

Bursting with colorful flowers and green leaves against a stark white base, these nails scream summer fiesta. They’re a carnival of color that would fit right in at a vibrant street fair or sunny, music-filled courtyard.

7. Starry Suns

Capturing the essence of a serene sunset, the warm amber base serves as a canvas for white palm silhouettes. This design is your ticket to laid-back beach evenings and summer night BBQs.

8. Wildflowers at Sunset

Vibrant wildflowers in shades of orange and pink dance across a white base, reminiscent of a field at sunset. It’s a design that’s as free-spirited as a summer adventure, perfect for road trips and festivals.

9. Summer Mural

Bold geometric shapes in a summer palette of yellow, green, and black create a striking abstract design. These nails are a modern art piece, just right for the contemporary art lover hitting the summer scene.

10. Tropical Flare

Each nail is a canvas showcasing an array of tropical elements with vibrant orange hues and lush green palm leaves. They’re a nod to exotic summer vacations, designed to stand out on sun-drenched days.

11. Beachy Palms

Crisp palm silhouettes against a gradient of blue skies and sandy shores capture the quintessential beach view. These nails are your personal postcard from paradise, perfect for a summer spent with sand between your toes.

12. Mono Stripes

Bold black and white stripes paired with a singular chrome accent nail make a statement that’s both classic and edgy. These nails are ready for sophisticated summer nights and chic rooftop parties.

13. Sandy Stripes

White stripes on a nude base mimic the soft lines of waves receding on the beach. It’s a minimalist approach to summer, suggesting simple, serene days spent by the shore.

14. Summer Stripes

Clean lines in refreshing shades of green, white, and yellow are reminiscent of striped beach umbrellas and crisp summer fashion. It’s a bright, playful look ideal for sunny days and picnics in the park.

15. Zebra’s Day Out

With a twist on the classic animal print, these nails feature black zebra stripes over a natural base, accented with gold for an extra touch of summer glam. They’re safari chic for the urban jungle.

16. Glitter Ombre

The soft gradient from nude to white is kissed with a glittery finish that sparkles like early morning dew. These nails are a subtle nod to the gentle glow of a summer sunrise.

More Summer Nail Designs I LOVE!

Want more? I’ve got more! Here are some more stunning summery nail designs that I’m in love with, in a huge expanded gallery:

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