30 Easy Hairstyles for Reversing Bad Hair Days

Written By Belle Garston


We’ve all been there! You get up in the morning, try to tame your hair and it won’t behave no matter what you try. And that’s why I LOVE these hairstyles. They’ll get you out of a rut and help you reverse that bad hair.

1. Boho Bandana

A delightful escape into boho chic, this hairstyle features a paisley bandana that’s both a savior for unruly strands and a stylish statement.

The tousled, casually pinned-up hair exudes an effortless vibe, making it a perfect go-to for those days when your hair just won’t cooperate. The bandana acts as a charming cover-up, while also keeping those flyaways in check.

2. Messy Bun

An artfully disheveled bun perched atop the head speaks volumes of a laid-back elegance.

It’s the quintessential bad hair day fix with its ability to wrap up greasy or unmanageable tresses in a fashionable updo. This voluminous bun, with a few wispy strands, offers a quick transformation from bed-head to head-turner.

3. Top Knot

This whimsical top knot is a dreamy fix for less-than-perfect hair days, capturing a relaxed yet romantic aura.

The loose tendrils framing the face soften the look, while the bun itself can hide a multitude of sins, from oiliness to lack of volume. It’s a fairy tale solution that’s both practical and pretty.

4. Elegant Updo

When battling a mane that won’t be tamed, this elegant updo is an exquisite refuge.

The voluminous twist at the back brings grace to what could be a hair calamity, while the loose, face-framing pieces keep the style from feeling too stiff. It’s an updo that says ‘chic’, even when your locks are playing the rebel.

5. Cinnamon Swirl

On days when frizz is your companion, this cinnamon-hued messy bun can be your style savior. It gathers up curls and waves into a textured nest that looks intentional and carefree. It’s the hairstyle equivalent of a warm hug—comforting, easy to wear, and universally flattering.

6. Braided Brunette

A single braid can turn a hair disaster into a deliberate fashion statement. This side braid is laid-back yet controlled, making it an ideal solution for any hair woes. It corrals wild strands into a neat plait, providing a serene and controlled look that feels both secure and stylish.

7. Messy Chic

The beauty of a bad hair day is that it invites creativity, like this tousled, messy bun that’s been elevated to an art form.

This style turns unpredictable texture and volume into an advantage, creating a look that’s as sophisticated as it is spontaneous. It’s a casual twist that manages to be both freeing and refined.

8. Natural Side Braid

Tame the wildest of locks with this gracefully simple side braid. Perfect for those on-the-go mornings, it neatly brings together unpredictable textures into a controlled cascade of waves. It’s a style that embodies natural charm, keeping you looking effortlessly put together, even when your hair has other ideas.

9. Twin Textured Twists

Double the braids, double the fun!

These paired plaits are a playful yet practical solution for second-day hair. The loose, wavy tendrils offer a soft contrast to the structured braids, giving off a relaxed vibe that says you’re in control, even when your hair tries to say otherwise.

10. Easy Side Braid

The classic side braid gets a whimsical twist with this loose, laid-back style. A perfect camouflage for any unruly tresses, the braid starts at a lower point, giving a relaxed appearance while still keeping everything neat. It’s the ultimate blend of elegance and ease for those unpredictable hair moments.

11. Messy Daydream Bun

Embrace the allure of the intentionally messy bun that captures a dreamlike quality for those days when your hair won’t behave. The playful strands that escape create a soft halo effect, making it the ideal hairstyle for looking polished yet free-spirited, without having to wrestle every hair into place.

12. Morning Updo

Here’s a hairstyle that whispers understated elegance. The loosely gathered bun at the crown creates a voluminous look that’s forgiving to any hair that refuses to conform. Soft wisps frame the face for a tender, approachable style that’s as comforting as the first light of dawn.

13. Messy Top Knot

This top knot is the epitome of chic nonchalance. Perfect for when your hair has its own agenda, it’s styled high on the head with a carefree spirit, making any hint of frizz or flyaways part of its charm. It’s the perfect union of convenience and style for that effortlessly enigmatic look.

14. Tousled Top Knot

Revel in the beauty of this tousled top knot that’s sun-kissed and carefree. Ideal for those mornings when your hair is rebelling, this style elevates the unstyled look into something beautifully intentional. Stray strands catch the light, giving the appearance of a day spent by the sea.

15. Cinnamon Top Knot

The Cinnamon Twist Top Knot is a spice-infused spin on the classic bun, ideal for those unruly hair days. Its textured twirls and loose tendrils frame the face with a softness that’s forgiving to flyaways. This is a sweet pick-me-up style that’s as functional as it is chic.

16. Halo High Bun

This bun sits like a honeyed halo, effortlessly concealing the struggles of a bad hair day. With its playful wispiness and a hint of volume at the crown, it’s a look that captures a carefree elegance. Ideal for those who want to turn their hair’s rebellion into a style statement.

17. Swirling Top Knot

Dark and rich as espresso, this top knot swirls with depth and dimension. It’s a bold statement piece for your hair, artfully taming the mane while bringing out highlights and layers. For days when hair has a mind of its own, this style keeps it deliciously in check.

18. Breezy Updo

The Soft Breeze Updo is the embodiment of effortless grace. It’s perfect for when you’re battling hair that just won’t listen; the gentle lift and casual twists invite a relaxed vibe that’s as breezy as a soft wind on a warm day.

19. Wispy Bun

This hairstyle is a sanctuary for those fighting the frizz and fuss. With its gentle wisps and carefree bun, it offers a look that’s both spontaneous and structured, making it a whimsical win for challenging hair moments.

20. Top Knot With Bangs

Like an autumn leaf pile, this top knot is a playful mess of colors and textures. When hair refuses to be tamed, this is the style that celebrates the wildness while keeping it beautifully contained in a tousled, cozy bun.

21. Messy Updo Whispers

For a hair day that’s far from perfect, the Whispering Winds Updo offers a soothing solution. The strands twist and turn like a gentle gust, creating an updo that’s both dynamic and delicate. This style promises to hold your secrets and keep the focus on your natural allure.

More Hairstyles for Bad Hair Day I LOVE

I can’t describe every hairstyle that I love for bad hair days – there are so many of them! I’ve put together a gallery of additional hairstyles you might want to have a look through. See one you love? Let me know and don’t forget to save it to Pinterest:

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