A Look Back at History: My Top 34 20s Hairstyles

Written By Belle Garston


Fan of the 1920s like I am? Then you’re going to love these 20s hairstyles. The 20s had some of the most iconic hairstyles which is why I’ve put together this huge collection – many you can rock today!

1. Classic Bob

The epitome of the roaring twenties, this cut showcases a jaw-length bob with meticulously sculpted waves, oozing vintage charm. Its defined side part adds a touch of sophistication, while the playful bounce of curls around the face creates a flirty, yet refined silhouette.

2. Flapper Bob

Here we see the quintessential bob of the Roaring Twenties, styled into gentle, finger waves that were all the rage. This dark-haired beauty carries the spirit of the jazz age with the perfectly sculpted waves.

3. Sassy Swirl

This playful take on the 1920s style showcases a tousled bob with a contemporary twist. The light brown locks are cut to a cheeky length, with spontaneous curls adding movement and an air of carefree elegance.

4. Ebony Elegance

A glossy black bob carved into sculpted waves; it’s a nod to the sleek sophistication of the Jazz Age, but with a polished modern edge.

5. Gatsby’s Muse

Dark curls frame the face with a flair of 1920’s glamour, while the tousled texture whispers a hint of today’s spontaneity.


6. Chestnut Curls

This hairstyle captivates with voluminous curls that bounce with a life reminiscent of roaring ’20s soirĂ©es, updated for the modern flapper.

7. Retro Radiance

Golden waves crafted into a soft bob, each curl a story of the past, yet shining brightly with a contemporary glow.

8. Brunette Whimsy

Tight, playful curls spring with a vintage beat, echoing the speakeasy spirit with a fresh, lively bounce.

9. Copper Coquette

The deep, rich waves reflect an era of hidden jazz clubs, the curls falling gracefully like the whispered secrets of a bygone epoch.

10. Whispering Waves

Subtle curls gently cascade, evoking the soft whispers of 1920s sophistication with a whisper-light feel.

11. Casual Chic

A carefree, tousled bob, its waves speak of ease and modernity, kissed with the simplicity of the past.

12. Volume!

Luscious waves flow richly, combining 1920s opulence with a velvet-like texture that’s utterly timeless.

13. Wild Whisp

Wild, unfettered waves bloom freely, marrying the romance of the past with the spirit of the untamed.

14. Day Daisy

Sleek waves contour the face, a contemporary twist on the classic 1920s allure, minimal yet striking.

15. Flapper’s Dream

A short, curled bob, sculpted perfectly to frame the face with an air of 1920s rebellion and charm.

16. Jazz Age

Soft curls crafted with precision, echo the elegance of a jazz lounge, shining with a gem-like luster.

More 20s Hairstyles I LOVE!

Need more? I’ve got you covered! Here’s an extended gallery of more 20s hairstyles you will LOVE:

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